Fire Assessment

VisitEngland – Fire Risk Assessment

  Address of Property Assessed:       Galleon House 3 Fore St Calstock PL18 9RN Cornwall
  Person Undertaking the Assessment – Name:     Lorraine Barratt
  Position:     Owner
  Date of Assessment:     01.05.2020

Fire Risk Assessment

Step 1 – Identify Fire Hazards and Fire Risks.

1.1 Sources of ignition

  1. a) Electrical – wiring and appliances

Totally rewired 2017

  1. b) Cooking – especially deep-fat frying

Electric cooker no fat fryer

  1. c) Smoking

Non smoking

  1. d) Candles

Occasional use in holders

  1. e) Heaters and boilers

Gas central heating and gas heated hot water on demand. The certification is up-to-date and assessed annually.

  1. f) Open fires

Wood burning Hetas approved stove with protective casing and door. The certification is up-to-date and assessed annually.

  1. g) Others


1.2. Fuel present

Gas canisters stored outside in shed

Logs stored inside, away from wood burning stove.

  1. h) Elements of structure

Cornish stone, bricks

  1. i) Furniture and furnishings

Fire retardant soft furnishings

  1. j) Domestic waste


  1. k) Other items – e.g. petrol for lawnmowers, cleaning materials etc

Cleaning materials stored under the kitchen sink

1.3. Activities that might cause a fire, including work processes/procedures etc.


Step 2 – Identify Persons at Risk.

2.1 Number of guests

Maximum of 8 guests

2.2. Number of staff/employees

No staff

Step 3 – Evaluate the Risks.

3.1. Means of escape

  1. a) Detail the type of property:

180 year old terraced Cornish Cottage

  1. b) Detail the number of exit doors and where they are:

Two exit doors both located on the ground floor at the front and back of the property.

3.2. The fire alarm and fire detection

  1. c) Describe what fire alarm and fire detectors have been provided:

Smoke alarms installed in each room throughout the house and in hallways. All doors are fire doors. The open plan lounge on the ground floor has a sprinkler system.

3.3. Fire fighting equipment

  1. d) Detail what fire extinguishers/blankets are provided and where they are.

Fire blanket in kitchen under the sink. The open plan lounge on the ground floor has a sprinkler system.

3.4. Escape lighting

  1. e) Detail areas covered by emergency lighting (if any):


3.5. Evacuation procedure

  1. f) Describe the evacuation procedures

In case of fire close all doors, exit and call 999

Created: 1 May 2020

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